Shipping to Amazon from China


To ship to Amazon from China is most profitable strategic for most Amazon professional sellers. You can ship directly from suppliers to Amazon FBA warehouse, or ship to our warehouse to storage, then ship partial to Amazon warehouse as needed.

If you plan to ship from suppliers directly to Amazon FBA warehouse, please ensure your suppliers follow FBA package instruction and your requirements; Any small mistake by your suppliers will be very costly; We offer consolidate FBA shipments services to professional sellers even Amazon split your shipments into multiple Amazon warehouse without increase a lot of costs;

Many professional sellers to use our warehouse as their 3PL warehouse; Our warehouse is strategic located at Los Angeles, 30 miles away from major southern California Amazon warehouses, such as ONT8, ONT2, LGB8, etc. Our dedicated trucking team deliver to those warehouse daily. We can inspect your product before ship, so your FBA shipment is unlikely rejected by Amazon; You can keep your sale strategies remain undisclosed to your supplier;

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